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Our licensed and insured beverage catering service can save you time and money.

We are a state licensed and insured section 12c beverage catering company.

Please read our Notes on Pricing before proceeding to the Quote Form.

Notes on Pricing

For more than 30 years, our open bar-fixed fee packages have been a favorite of brides and caterers alike. We price it to fit within your budget.

We understand that matching your budget with the best bar package available can be difficult. Here are a few suggestions to consider when planning your event:

  1. For hosted (open bar) events of 75 guests or more, we always recommend
    the fixed fee-all inclusive open bar:

    • labor, liquor, liability insurance & all beverages are included
    • set pp rate lets you budget the bar/entire event more efficiently
    • beverage consumption is unlimited
    • we remove all unopened/unused product – no leftovers to deal with
  2. For smaller groups or for those on a tight budget, the cash bar or consumption bar is your best bet:
    • cost conscious labor & set up fees that include insurance
    • reasonable drink prices
    • a final beverage cost that reflects actual per drink consumption (not per bottle or case cost) – consumption bars only
    • again, we remove all unopened/unused product

Purchasing your own alcohol and miscellaneous beverages is not a guaranteed cost cutting measure. Running out to the local liquor store and party supply store, paying retail and then delivering and storing it at your venue takes time and will cost you more money. And then you’ll spend even more money to hire bartenders with the proper certification and insurance. Our fixed fee packages include it all – at a set pp rate. And best of all, your beverage consumption in unlimited!

Don’t be fooled by vague or misleading quotes that don’t account for your specific beverage needs. By the bottle or per case pricing is unreliable and will almost always cost you more in the end.

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