Beverage Catering Services

For any size function, we provide it all: premium beverages, mixers, portable bars, ice, equipment and sundries.

Beverage Catering Services

For any size function, we provide it all: premium beverages, mixers, portable bars, ice, equipment and sundries.

Professional Bartending Services, Inc.


Making Your Event Memorable



A: The process of arranging alcohol service for your special event can be tricky. Here are several factors that we ask all of our clients to consider:

  • specific bar related costs in relation to overall budgeting
  • liquor liability insurance requirements
  • professional presentation & efficiency of service
  • setup, break down and left over liquor
  • related options

Our licensed and insured beverage catering service can save you time and money. Our fixed fee-all inclusive open bar package includes labor, insurance and all of your beverage needs – full bar or beer and wine only. A set per person rate lets you calculate bar related costs efficiently, so that you can then set your overall budget. Or, you may choose from one of several custom bar packages to fit your budget.

We deliver, set up and serve everything you need to make your special day memorable. Why waste valuable time running from store to store for bar supplies, liquor and ice when we can do it all for you!

Our bartenders are professionally trained and certified through the TIPS safety service program. We can set their attire to match your specific theme – whether it be a formal sit down affair or New England style clambake. Above all, they’re preparation and service is second to none.

Once the reception ends, we break it down, pack it up and remove it all from your venue. No leftovers to deal with and more importantly no counting open liquor bottles and beer cases in order to calculate your final bill.

Check out our optional services, including glassware, champagne toast and dinner wine. Or, for that special twist, choose from one of several “theme bars“.

Please call or submit our online Request a Quote form so that we can put together a detailed bar service package for your special event.

A: As your full service beverage catering company, we assume the responsibility for making sure your guests are served appropriately. Our staff is “TIPS” trained and certified, giving you the peace of mind you deserve on that special day.

A: We can work with whatever “theme” you choose, whether it’s pina colada’s at the beach or frozen margarita’s at the pool. You can also choose from one of our own signature “Theme Bars”. View our Theme Bar Photo Gallery.

A: A cash bar is one of the most economical options we offer. We can assist with any licensing requirements, including whatever paperwork and related information may be necessary.

A: Along with our proposal, we provide a “Beverage List” which covers all of the basic liquor, beer and wine selections. From there, you can add or substitute certain products that work with your theme and/or budget. We can also recommend signature drinks or any new drinks that may be popular.

A: Let’s face it, almost anyone can pour a drink. If you want a professional-looking bar with knowledgeable and certified bartenders that can handle unexpected situations, you need and deserve a reputable service. We let you choose what works best for you and we handle the rest. We are a state licensed and insured section 12c beverage catering company.

Both refer to different roles but both are equally important for a great bar experience. The mixologist can design that perfect signature drink to highlight your special day – whether it’s preparing homemade syrups or mixers, and selecting those key ingredients that pull it all together. The work is always done in advance… before your guests arrive. The bartender, sometimes also the mixologist, wears a different hat. Completely focused on your guests and making certain that all feel welcome and entertained. Both a friend and companion and someone who can make that very special drink, just how you want it. More fun than the mixologist…maybe. But remember, the one cannot survive without the other.



“It is people like you who make the day enjoyable, in your mannerism and your professionalism”

catering bar testimonial

L. Burns, Providence, RI

“Your staff was professional, friendly and accommodating. You can be sure I will pass on your name whenever possible.”

bride testimonial

A. Shea, Quincy, MA

“Thank you for a terrific job. Your staff went above and beyond to ensure a successful event. I would recommend you to anyone planning a party.”

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Y. Honjo, Falmouth, MA


For more than 30 years, our bar service packages have been a favorite of brides and caterers alike.

We price it to fit within your budget.

Please contact us so that we can put together a detailed bar service package for your special event.